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Have you discovered your "core identity" yet?
Currently I perceive myself as having a core identity that is highly influenced by the environment in which I'm embedded, but simultaneously independent of it. My perception of my core identity changes depending on what kind of activities or mental exercises I perform.
If I were to summarize my core identity, it would be something along the lines of: "The feeling of being a cluster consisting mostly of independent sub-clusters that can voluntarily cooperate or compete with each other.
In a sense, I see myself as the sum of my sub-clusters. The thought patterns and behaviors that are typical for certain clusters can be interchanged without me noticing much difference in what it means to be me.
For example, I can enter a state of mind where I feel very loving and empathetic towards others as well as myself. This way of thinking and feeling is fairly independent from the particular cluster that exists in my brain at any given time.
I can create a new cluster from scratch and assign it the default behavior of that particular group, and then I will start to feel very much like my 'default self.' It's similar to installing an operating system on your computer and then using it for several years. This way of thinking is what I would call "my core identity.
The idea of a core identity is not necessarily connected to the physical body or brain. It could be something like an entity that doesn't have a specific location in space or time, but which perceives itself as being separate from its environment.