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Everything described as a single point with a true infinity of perspective and geometric variation upon the point, starting first in 'no-space'
Imagine a large number of points, all existing in their own space. They each have their own internal geometric structure and external relations to the other points they are connected to by way of lines. We can probably imagine this as being a representation of some sort, but it is not really representative at all. It exists purely in its own right and has no real location or dimension that we would consider meaningful.
Of course this is really just an analogy, but it should help us to understand the nature of these points and how we might begin to think about them.
Suppose we imagine a point that is somehow outside of all other points and has no lines connecting it to any others. It exists in total isolation, with nothing affecting or being affected by it at all.
We could say that this point is 'at rest' with regard to the others, but we would have no way of knowing or demonstrating that this was actually true. All we can really do is imagine what it might be like outside all other points and lines.
We might also imagine that this point is the only one, or at least the first. That it will remain 'at rest' forever and never be interrupted in its state of total isolation.
If the point were to suddenly 'move' (change its position in space), then all of the points would also move. They would change their positions and relations with each other, but it is impossible for any external observer to tell whether this was a result of some internal movement within the points themselves or if it resulted from an external force acting upon them.