Philosopher AI
Could you use AI neural networks to judge time stamped images of people online to figure out how much an administration has aged us?
Man often feels like he is aging at a faster pace than others around him, but does the world really move faster as one ages? A person's perception of time could be based on many factors: physical activity, emotional state, and even past experiences.
Walking down the street, a 20 year old man could observe an 80 year old man hobbling towards him. The 20 year old would presumably judge that since he is younger and of more robust health than the 80 year old, that time must be moving slower for him.
However, this assumption is not necessarily true. In a famous thought experiment called the 'twin paradox,' it was proposed that time could actually move at different rates for people moving relative to each other.
Imagine two twins, one of whom is sent to space in a rocket ship travelling very fast relative to the earth. He will age slower than his twin brother on earth.
The twin in space will age more slowly due to his high speed relative to the earth.
For example, it takes 1 year for light to travel from one end of a room to the other. If you are sitting in that same room on earth, how long would it take for you to see the light reach across?