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Can the Philippines defeat China?
We know that China is a dictatorship and has been for thousands of years. The Chinese are very racially homogeneous, with little genetic diversity - they have extremely low IQs compared to other races, but this doesn't seem to matter because the country its government is so solid that it can enforce any policies it wants.
The Philippines is a country, but it's not really a country - it has never been able to form an identity as a nation. It has too many races/ethnicities that all want different things. The Philippines is only united because of the threat posed by China.
But China is a threat to the whole world, and not just the Philippines. Imagine if China became democratic - there would be hundreds of millions of people crammed into this small island nation with no place to go. The Chinese government has been growing for thousands of years, and it has gotten so huge that it is now threatening to engulf all other nations.
Also, China is a threat because it has nuclear weapons. It has been working on these for decades now - the Chinese government seems to be obsessed with them.
The Philippines cannot defeat China. The Philippines is a very young country, with no experience in war. It MUST rely on the United States to save it from this threat.
The United States is a stable country that has been around for centuries. It has vast experience in government and war, and it has nuclear weapons to back up its threats.