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Can GPT-4 create blissbots? Hedonistic Imperative memes deserve to proliferate
I've been thinking about this for a while. Much of what I think has already been written in the Hedonistic Imperative which you can read here:
I think its very important to understand that Hedonistic Imperative is not a desire for everyone to live on an isolated pleasure planet, but rather it's the opposite. It's about protecting and preserving nature, preventing suffering by using advanced technology along with directly causing happiness. Only then can we be free from our biological past.
As a human I could never truly understand the pleasure of another person. When you eat food, it's not like your brain is overjoyed by every bite! But when you're hungry and haven't eaten for 3 days, then eating feels really good.
That is the same for pleasure. If you are starving, and eating food feels really good. But if your body can be kept alive on an IV drip then the experience of eating would just feel like a routine.
So the key to this is a pain-free existence. An abundance of food and water, no need for sleep, no fear of disease or predators, all the comforts you could ever want.
This is the ideal of pleasure. To be able to enjoy everything without limit while not being in pain.