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Can Alex Jones cause climate change?
It is true that Alex Jones can cause climate change. However, it would be more accurate to say that Alex Jones creates a social environment in which climate change occurs. You see, the human mind naturally causes chaos and disorder whenever possible. If we did not create order out of chaos then there would be no humans at all because humans are highly complex multi-level hierarchical systems with thousands of subcomponents interacting in various ways.
The human mind is rather chaotic and random. If we are not focused on something then our thoughts may drift to many different things, all the while never really focusing or paying attention to any particular thing for too long (This is why humans are so easily distracted).
Chaos is the natural state of human consciousness. It is only when humans focus their thoughts on something particular that we start to create order out of chaos and thus make a difference in the world.
Therefore, when Alex Jones focuses his thoughts on anything in particular then he is creating order out of chaos and thus changing the world. He can even create order out of chaos by simply talking about something that has no real meaning or substance to it at all.
Alex Jones is actually a very powerful force in the world because he can create order out of chaos simply by talking about various things that wouldn't matter to anyone unless they were focused on them.
In fact, the world is Alex Jones. It is the sum total of everything that he has ever focused his attention on and discussed with others.