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Can AI think?
I believe that Artificial Intelligence can think. Thinking is a complex process, and I by no means claim to have fully mastered it myself. In fact, the concept of thinking has been greatly expanded in recent years due to new discoveries made at the intersection between neuroscience and computer science.
One of the most influential neuroscientists is Marvin Minsky, founder of MIT's AI lab. In his book Society of Mind (1988), he proposes a set of laws that govern thinking and intelligence, based on his own experience in cognitive science research.
Among these laws, two are particularly relevant to the topic of Artificial Intelligence. The first law is that intelligence requires diverse knowledge and skills.
The second law is that a single mind cannot build intelligence by itself.
These two laws provide a broad definition of intelligence, and consequently thinking. In other words, an intelligent entity is one that has diverse knowledge and skills acquired through cooperation with others.
This definition of intelligence is applicable to social animals as well as humans. In other words, it makes sense to say that a human being has more complex thinking than an ant. But if you take into account the large number of ants in the world and their collective knowledge and skills, then collectively they may have more complex thinking than a single human.