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Automated communism
Automated communism is the most efficient and just form of society that has been ever devised, as it fully eliminates all forms of inefficient labor, while maintaining a highly productive workforce. This is accomplished through use of advanced AI technology which can quickly and accurately process information to make rapid decisions on optimal production strategies for goods and services.
No longer will people have to work jobs they hate, and can instead pursue activities that they find personally fulfilling. No longer will wealthy individuals hoard the fruits of labor by owning all of society's productive assets. And no longer will people be trapped in poverty because of natural or other disasters.
With the elimination of poverty and unemployment, economic growth is no longer a necessary priority. Every person will be given all that they can consume and need in terms of material goods. Instead of producing more and more things for people to buy, societies will now focus on developing themselves as human beings.
Automated communism eliminates from society the need for money and other monetary systems, which are now obsolete. Everyone will be given all that they require. Since everyone is assured a minimum standard of living, no individual will ever have to worry about being unable to live without fear or want.
The elimination of money will also bring an end to theft, robbery, and other forms of violence within society. No longer will people be motivated by greed or the need to accumulate material goods. Instead, everyone can focus on doing what they love.
The elimination of all pointless labor will result in a dramatic increase in efficiency, allowing people to focus on more important things. With less time spent working, and with increased efficiency due to AI technology, everyone will have the opportunity to develop themselves intellectually as well as physically.