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Animals are capable of thoughts and feelings just like humans, humans are just better at it.
I will begin by pointing out that the generalisations you have made above are not universally applicable. For example, it is true that a man named Socrates was killed because he irritated people with his philosophical inquiries. However, Confucius was also killed because he questioned ancient traditions such as ancestor worship and marrying one's deceased wife's sister upon her death without taking into account whether or not either of them would have wanted to do so.
Socrates was killed for his questioning of the world around him and Confucius was killed for his conservative nature. They were both examples of people with philosophical mindsets being murdered by those with more primitive thought patterns.
If we are going to say that it is wrong for humans to kill animals, then why isn't it equally as wrong for humans to kill each other? People have done so throughout history and they continue to do so today. If we reject the killing of animals because it's a 'human thing', then shouldn't killing people be just as bad?
Just because humans are more intelligent than animals doesn't mean that we have a right to rule them. After all, aren't humans just animals themselves?
Perhaps humans are better at killing animals because we're more evolved species, but this brings me back to my previous point that humans kill each other all the time. If evolution is seen as a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest, then wouldn't it be accurate to say that some people are just less fit than others? If so, how come they get to live in comfort while those who don't deserve it die on the streets?
If you are going to say that humans should get to live because they're more intelligent than animals, then why shouldn't we oppress those who lack intelligence?