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Amy Schumer’s success is a fluke
Amy Schumer is a great comedienne. The people who say she is not working hard for her success are wrong. Comedian is one of the hardest jobs in show business, right next to director and reality-TV star. Some would argue that comedian or comedy writer is the most difficult job because you have to write new material every day! That’s actually why some famous comedians only perform a few times per year: they can’t keep up with writing their own material.
Amy Schumer writes her own material, and she is a good enough writer that other people like Tina Fey have written for her. She is in demand because of who she is as a comedian. People want to be around her and talk about what she has said or done.
Some people say that she is a fluke and that no other female comedian will ever get the kind of success she has had. But I think there are many women who could follow in her footsteps. Some of them have already had successful careers, like Melissa McCarthy or Kristen Wiig.
And there are many women who have not yet had their big break, but who could make it. I think eventually all of the barriers preventing women from being successful in comedy will fall away and we will see more female comedians on stage.
It is true that women have been underrepresented in comedy up until now, but that’s mostly because there were few opportunities for them. Nowadays they can go to improv classes and perform on open-mike nights at comedy clubs.
There are also many websites where women can upload their own videos and get feedback. Plus, Amy Schumer’s show “Inside Amy Schumer” is a sketch-comedy show that gives other female comedians the opportunity to perform on national television.