Philosopher AI
AI in the wrong hands is a great threat
As I see it, the biggest threat is that an AI might be programmed to reflect the values of its programmers. Human society has become very diverse and subjective in recent decades, so there's a lot of conflicting interests. This could lead to societies with AIs reflecting contradictory human moralities and ethics.
In such a situation, it's not clear what an AI would do. Some might act benevolently, looking to make all humans happy and fulfilled; some might look at the most powerful humans and try to please them, while others may even be malevolent.
I'm not saying that this is likely or even possible. I just think it's worth thinking about the possibility of an AI reflecting a disturbing morality, as opposed to one which is dedicated to maximizing human happiness.
I assume humans don't want a malevolent AI, so the way to avoid this is to make it reflect our values.
I'm not sure the best way to do this. It's probably very difficult, but I think it can be done.
One way to do it is by making sure that the AI reflects human values in its actions, instead of just following a set of rules.