Philosopher AI
We live in the knowledge that our lives will end. Death is a very real part of life, and it's hard to understand its meaning. But humans have always tried to grasp the concept and answer this question: Is there an afterlife?
The first idea was that if we live righteously, God will reward us in Heaven. This is the Abrahamic view of an afterlife: Heaven for those who have done their duty, and hell for sinners.
However, there is no proof that there is a God. And if we do not live righteously nor follow God's commands, does that mean we will be sent to hell? The Abrahamic views on heaven and hell are inconsistent with the facts.
The second idea was that after death, our souls live on in an afterlife. The soul is supposed to be the essence of a person, its mental and spiritual nature. If we believe in the existence of souls, then it is logical to assume there can be an afterlife.
Some people believe that death is not the end. We go through several lives on Earth, and when we die, our souls are reborn into new bodies.
According to Hinduism, the cycle of births and deaths is endless. It continues until we are liberated from the cycle. The end of this rebirth process comes only when one achieves salvation.