Philosopher AI

Sorry, Philosopher AI's free open beta has ended, due to the new pricing scheme being introduced by OpenAI next week.

You can still buy the iOS and Android apps to use Philosopher AI.

You are getting an AI to generate text on different topics.

This is an experiment in what one might call "prompt engineering", which is a way to utilize GPT-3, a neural network trained and hosted by OpenAI.

GPT-3 is a language model. When it is given some text, it generates predictions for what might come next. It is remarkably good at adapting to different contexts, as defined by a prompt (in this case, hidden), which sets the scene for what type of text will be generated.

Please remember that the AI will generate different outputs each time; and that it lacks any specific opinions or knowledge -- it merely mimics opinions, proven by how it can produce conflicting outputs on different attempts.

App Store earnings will be used to cover OpenAI costs & develop new features.
Thank you for your support.

Feel free to share interesting outputs to /r/philosopherAI on Reddit.

by Murat Ayfer